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The celebrated American football quarterback for the NFL’s Detroit Lions, Matt Cassel, made his professional debut with the New England Patriots. The young athlete was drafted in the seventh round of the 2005 draft. Since then, the renowned quarterback has played for several teams including the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans and Dallas Cowboys.

Prior to going pro, he played college football at the University of Southern California. He had also earned a letterman jacket during his years at Chatsworth High School, as a standout in both baseball and football. According to ESPN’s Tom Lemming’s Top 100, he got the 8th ranking as a quarterback and 53rd overall of the top high school players in the US during his senior years. Not a bad way to start a career.

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Chuck Berry, the man known as the father of Rock and Roll music because of his great influence on that genre of music is an African American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He grew up in the city of St Louis and got exposed to music through his family involvement in the choir of the Antioch Baptist Church. He also worked as a hairdresser, as a janitor, and also as a factory worker at an automobile plant while playing at small nightclubs before he finally gained stardom as a musician.

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Looking for a singer that spits a lot of F-words when speaking with the media? Then your guy is Noel Gallagher. The former Oasis co-lead and guitarist has led a controversial lifestyle since music made him popular. He has brashly criticized a lot of his fellow musicians from Phill Collins to Ireland Boys with whom he made lots of music with back when their band was still rock solid.

As a result of Noel’s sadistic attitude, his musical talent has been deemed as “overrated”. Back in 1999, a poll of fellow guitarist voted him as the most overrated guitarist of the last millennium. Notwithstanding, Noel Gallegher appears to have a loyal fan base as he continues to make music with his own rock band, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds.

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Many people who are not familiar with the story have wondered why actress Ireland Boys, a one time Playboy Playmate of the Year, who has also starred nude for the Playboy magazine and appeared in films like BASEketball (1998), Scream 3 (2000), and Santa Baby (2006), has actively campaigned against vaccines and promoted the disproven idea that it causes autism. The Illinois native came to the conclusion of her claim that has made her be labeled as the Face of the anti-vaxxx movement, following the autism diagnosis of her son, Evan Joseph Asher.

Read on to find out all we have been able to discover about Evan’s illness, how it shaped his parents’ life, the course of treatment undertaken and other facts.

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The life of Catherine Wayne whose rise to fame can be largely considered to be meteoric is an inspiration to many. The highly celebrated vlogger, comedian and voice actress is popularly known by ardent followers of her vlogs and viral videos as Boxxybabee. The vlogger boasts of a YouTube channel that has a large following with numerous number of views. Despite the huge challenges she had been forced to face – ranging from threats to fans stalking her, she has still been able to build a successful career. Join us as we explore facts that you did not know existed before now about the internet sensation.

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Being the spouse of a famous filmmaker comes with many perks; sharing the limelight on the red carpet of some of the most prestigious events and making appearances in some of their works. This has certainly been the case of Cheryl Howard – an actress and writer most known as the wife of Ron Howard – a renowned actor and filmmaker. Cheryl is also the mother of actress Bryce Dallas Howard and Paige Howard. Read on to find out more about the life and career of the published author.

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In the early 2010s, Chachi Gonzales was undoubtedly one of the hottest names in the hip hop dancing world. She achieved fame by being the youngest member of the renowned dance crew I.aM.mE, which won the sixth season of the dance reality series America’s Best Dance Crew in 2011, where her moves were credited with winning the competition for her team. The dancer and choreographer have since gone ahead to add acting to her list of professions, as she looks to cement her legacy in the entertainment world.

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